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It's a neck through boutique guitar concept inspired by angel's wings.  Beside for flying, I'm sure they're for protection & very embracing. I interpret this into guitar design without sacrificing its function, playbility & comfortability. Infact it reduces body mass so the strings vibration won't be absorb by big body mass, it only concentrate mostly on the neck. This cutting edge light weight design has no wood below the bridge, the bridge's the end of the body. It's such a sleeky, beautiful & powerful axe, perfect choice for your personal collection.

The angel's wings pictures below are taken from internet. Right below's the Angelo's sketch.



Neck through woods: maple, nyatoh, maple

Body: mahogany, burl exotic wood veneer

Fingerboard: rosewood with "d" white acrylic inlay on the 12th fret

Pick ups: John Suhr SSV & SSV+ zebra color

Bridge: Gotoh GTC-102 cosmo black

Machine head: Wilkinson 3+3 black


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