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When I was kid, I loved drawing instead of music. One day my parents forced me to learn the guitar and I did it...(not much option when you're a kid). It's basically simple strumming & plucking thing though at the end I kind of like it since my teacher was quite passionate.

One fine day, I stumbled upon Jazz Bossanova casette tape as my Dad coincidentally played it since he wanted to sort & throw some old casette tapes he inherited from my Grandad. I suddenly became aware of the chilled music from the tape. I asked him curiosly about what he's playing, then he looked for the cover and told me,"It's a Bossa Nova Jazz by Cannonball Adderley." 

I liked it so much, I wanted to learn it. It sounded very playfull & free, different from all the common music I heard from radio & TV, it's just a personal opinion. It really motivated me to learn & practice as I was driven by passion. 

On top of that I also learnt classical guitar to get better fingering technique. I learnt music as hobby as I wouldn't think some day I would play music profesionally. 

My interest in my hobby was very strong, stronger than my interest in my academic study, though I still finished my engineering degree. The strange thing happened, after my engineering graduation, I took a part time job as a 5 stars hotel musician. I was carried away as I enjoyed what I was doing, from one hotel to another hotel, untill I play almost everyday, and sometimes I played for weddings & corporate events as well. 

I only worked as an engineer for about a month as I found that I didn't have much time to explore my guitar playing. At the end I decided to just keep playing music. I've been playing live music profesionally since then and I never look back. 

I'm grateful to do my work that comes out of passion.

Pictures by Malvin Foo

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