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Hi all wonderful people, thank you for visiting my website. I just want to share about my passion  in music & guitars in a very organic/informal website. 

I graduated as an engineering (Industrial Engineering) where  it talks about optimation, productivity, problem solving & stuffs. As I, then, realized that my musical passion is stronger than my engineering passion (at least I had engineering passion too... a bit) I decided to be a musician. This happened after the graduation of the engineering program I took from Surabaya University in Surabaya, Indonesia.

After playing music profesionally for couple of years, I pursued music degree at Lasalle College of Arts in Singapore, and Singapore's become my residential city.

The similarity between engineering & music is "creativity", it's about how to make wise solution/conclusion within the limitating constraints. Sometimes the best solution is the simplest thing we never think about. I guess it's fun to think out of the box (how to think inside the box's too cramped :)), do things differently in original ways positively.

You can read, see, hear & watch my guitar playing concept, design concept, music writing concept, show concept  and teaching concept in the pages of this website. I put everything in one website as I guess it's easier for me to maintain just one website. I'm not Spiderman who's a "web" master & very

good in "net"-working :p  

I hope that all things which I share would be an informative, entertaining and memorable message for you.


Enjoy & God bless...

Daniel Purnomo

Music is fun, so is pun. Pun is fun (fun intended) :) Have a good laugh at "Corny Corner" button below or at the menu.

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