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Workshop/Clinic is a one off event where I share the insight or my point of view about music so the audience can  have something to practice at home.

The topics I share can be about musical philosophy, about how to get and build up ideas, how to enjoy our practice, etc; or musical theory, so other musicians such as: keyboardists, bassists, saxophonists, etc can also benefit; or can be particularly about guitar.

The first workshop I did was "Guitar grammar's guide (3G)" at The Loft Cafe, where I shared about how to re-arrange common tune with alternative chord progressions and alternative groove styles.

Below are some snippets of a Jazz and Fingerstyle Workshops at ACS International Singapore.


Ci Yuan CC Ukulele

Ci Yuan CC Ukulele

Solo Playing on Ukulele

Bishan CC Ukulele Ensemble

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