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Quela Guitar


Specifications :

Neck Through Construction : Nyatoh, Rosewood, Nyatoh

Body : Solid Mahogany with Solid Makassar Ebony

Fingerboard : Makassar Ebony

Pickups : Seymour Duncan PAF Style

Machine Head : Gotoh

Frets : Jim Dunlop

Bridge & Saddle : Duralium Monorail (Aldridge Empire)

After trying some electric guitar and bass at my place, my guitar student, Marie Solange said that she likes the playability and the thin body of it, especially of Quela Bass. Just in case you think the name Quela Bass sounds like kueh lapis, you are so right. It's an electric bass with zebra wood veneer that makes it look like kueh lapis/layer cake.

Come back to my student, Marie generally find that electric guitar has much lower action than any acoustic guitar and it's easier to physically embrace its thin body compared to thick body of acoustic guitar. It's so true.

And this particular shape of Quela Bass really fits her playing posture. She wondered if she could have a Quela Bass body as her new dream guitar, and it is, an exotic wood artistic guitar with unique shape, beautiful tone, ergonomically designed for sitting down or standing up (slung). 

Here's some demonstration of this piece of art, it works well for tapping, slapping, as well as normal playing. It's a versatile guitar equipped with Seymour Duncan PAF Humbucker pickups that makes the tone beautifully clear, yet warm. It's good for all genres, jazz, blues, funk, rock, country, pop, and everything else.

I really love exposing the natural grain of the wood, rather than coat the wood. It's indeed a feel, sound & look good guitar - a beautiful sounding, playable piece of visual art.


More unique boutique guitar :

Songs : White Christmas, Sunny, If I Ain't Got You (Alicia Keys) - It's Marie's favourite song, she sang along soulfully when I was playing it.

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