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Guitar Designer

​I loved drawing when I was kid, especially cartoon character. But for some reason the passion faded when I started playing music during my teen age.

One day I had an experimental urge to play tapping on an electric guitar, I think it's cool if I could play 2 guitar parts how Stanley Jordan does. I was in a search for beautiful, great sounding, ergonomic, great balance for sitting & standing position, narrow gap 2 neck guitar (not the usual Gibson or Fender with the wide gap between neck)...and couldn't find one.  

At the end I decided to design the guitar to my specification. Since then my drawing passion came back..but the passion to draw cartoon characters' not back, haha..

I made a lot of mistakes & have been throwing fail experimental guitars. The first one has very bad position when you're playing it, it's very difficult for right hand to reach near head area. I need the neck position to be lower, easier for my right hand to reach near head area.

I've tried to attach the strap on the head like folk guitar, but the neck would bend when I stand up slinging the guitar as the the full weight of the guitar pull the neck & change the strings tension, hence it changed the tuning. It's not a wise decision to strap it on the headstock.

Since then I made long horn double guitar (left side picture) so when I attach the strap at the end pin at the horn tip, the position will be quite low. But with the long horn, the guitar will be quite heavy.

At the end, I decided to remove the horn to reduce the mass. I also changed the end pin positions to the front of the body near the top bridge & under the top neck (usually the end pins located at the bottom of the body & at the top body near the base of the neck). 

This position makes the guitar relatively low so that the right hand can reach near head area.

I optimized the pick-ups placement to make the gap between necks much closer. This is how "Hearty" double guitar's birthed.

More pictures & videos of electric guitars & basses at "Guitars" page.

(Above - pictures of the sketch & the real "hearty" double guitar)

Since ​I started designing double guitar I then, started designing normal electric guitar & bass too. But the idea is to make it original, outside of the mainstream shapes, it's gonna be boutique guitars. My first (normal) single neck 6 string guitar is "The Pallette" (left hand side picture). 

Ok, there's a cartoon character appears in this picture, but still now I don't draw cartoon like I did before. And it's not my self-portrait :)) 

It's just some bed sheet that I find has the same theme as the guitar. Beary nice isn't it?

While neck through construction affects the sustain, the tone character of electric guitar generally determined by the strings & pickups.  The string to me it's a component that we can easily experiment with as there are many reliable strings out there in the market.

About the pickups, I personally love the sweet & classy jazzy clean tone. As long as the clean tone is great, it's easier to work along with some effect too.  I find this character in humbucker PAF kind of pickups.

For custom order I can install different kind of pickups & prepare different cavity, it could be for single, humbucker, etc. The guitar itself will response naturally for any pickups.

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