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Play to Praise 

Only at the 2nd chance, when he's in secondary school he picked up guitar again from a Sunday school teacher in his church who taught him the logical series of music & guitar he really fell for guitar playing. He's “accidentally” exposed to jazz when his Dad was filtering which old cassettes tape to disposed, his Dad played some jazz music on tape player and Daniel loved it so much.


Since then he's eager to learn the language of music as he believe in creative process of music making. He finds it's easier to learn music by also learning the logical series behind it. Once we understand the system, we can dismantle it & creatively build it again from different angle.


Daniel Purnomo obtained his BA (in mus) from Lasalle. Now he has been actively performing in many occasions & venues as well as sharing his musical knowledge to his students, be it for leisure or professional, from total beginners until professional musicians. They've been benefiting from his logical & hands-on method.

Guitar's the most effective instrument for praise and worship, be it for small gathering or for personal worship time. It's very portable, yet sounds so profound.


Perhaps you've been wanting to pick-up this instrument, this module's exactly for you. In this 2 months course you'll learn and get trained to some basic chords & basic strumming as well as the application in the songs. The module also reveals the secret of guitar playing that equip you to finally able to find chords for yourself.


This musical “grammar” grows the students into creative process, rather than just memorizing the chords without knowing the reasons. It's not only about getting information about what chord to play for certain song, but also learning about the music itself (imagine if we learned new language diligently by memorizing word by word without learning the meaning & the grammar).


Enjoy the creative process in this module & feel the transformation after it ends by yourself.


Syllabus :

  • Tuning the guitar

  • Correct position in guitar playing

  • Understanding the major scale

  • Diatonic chords in C and G major scales

  • Strumming in 4/4 and ¾

  • Understanding basic chords progression

  • Alternating bass concept

  • Running bass concept

  • Songs application


About the teacher :

Daniel Purnomo's very passionate in worshiping the Lord, his creator & redeemer. He believes in enjoying good relationship with God.


His musical journey started when he was forced to learn the guitar from some music school when he was in primary school. But he couldn't understand what he was doing, it's only instruction upon instruction to follow without any logical reason behind it. To him then, playing guitar's just about some “memorized/prepared” rhythmical movement to fit to the song. At the end he lost his passion in which at the first time he actually didn't have it.

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