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The Palette

It's my first design on 6 string guitar. It has the look of artist pallette, it has holes to slip in the thumb. Great instrument for 6 string artists to colorize their musical idea :)

The sustain is pretty long as it's neck through. Beside the aesthetic reason, the 2 holes also reduce the wood mass, so the wood resonance that resulted by the strings vibration won't get hindered. Imagine which one is easier, to vibrate more wood or less wood.

Standard specification:
- Neck : 3 layer neck through, maple, mahogany, maple.

- Fingerboard : rosewood.

- Scale : 25.5".

- Body : Mahogany with rosewood veneer top.
- Magnetic pickups : SSV neck, DSH bridge (Suhr).
- Tuning machine head : Gotoh/Grover.

- Bridge : fixed bridge

- For custom order I can change the pickup, bridge, scale length, etc. upon request.
- Optinal :  Ghost modular pickup system by Graphtec (ghost saddle set, acousti-phonic pre-amp, Hexpander MIDI interface), comes with additional acoustic jack input & 13 pin MIDI jack.

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