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The experience

It's cool to be able to play poly rhythm and poly chord in 1 guitar. It's a truly fulfilling experience to create an orchestral arrangement  in live playing.


As the study of double guitar playing has the same commitment that we need as learning any other instruments, great fun and satisfaction have awaited as rewards for those who are  passionate. 


It has the same fingerboard map as normal guitar with additional low B, but the unique feature of the instrument requires us to learn to play 2 fingerboards simultaneously. 


The way to sound the instrument would be different as normal guitar, though we could employ strumming, plucking, harmonic, and any other guitar techniques here; but we focus on tapping here.


It's new, it's fun, it's challenging but yet rewarding....we will express our beautiful music like never before!!! 

* Left Video : Plucking VS Tapping

* Right Video : Playing as 2 Guitarist

Videos taken from Touchstyle Guitar Showcase at Queenstown Public Library, Singapore

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