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There are times in my life where I like to write some original music. Usually it's chill out, uplifting, soothing kind of music, light jazz groove (bossanova, swing, latin, acid jazz, R&B, groove, etc), unusual progression, but with simple & catchy melody.
During my music study at Lasalle, I submitted my originals (that I wrote back in Indonesia) for some songwriting competitions.

My song "Dreaming of you & I" (lyric by Yesicca Irawan) won the 3rd prize for open category in ExxonMobil Songwriting competition 2004 in NUS.

The other original, "The artist's creation", after translation into Mandarin, managed to get me into top ten finalists of NTU Music Express 10, song writing competition in 2004.
Singapore river track cover.jpg
My first original I wrote in Singapore is "Singapore River", inspired by the soothing scene of Singapore river where we see the mixture of eastern & western cultures - now is available on major digital media platforms (iTunes, Spotify, Tidal, etc). 
The long solo guitar intro & also the ending picture guzheng playing (traditional Chinese stringed instrument), though the scale is not purely pentatonic as it's mixed with western notes as's fusion.
This ambiance music makes you imagine (at least I imagine) that you are in the small river boat, water ripple, vintage & modern majestic building around you, warm lighting, ​reflection,  romance,  museums, arts scene, restaurants, etc.


Life is inspirational. We get ideas from it and make a tunes. Thank God for the gift of life!​

Some of my originals are at "Original Tunes" page.

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