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Artistic concept

Delivering songs is different with making music, though music delivered through songs. Music making involves more creativity rather than "copy-pasting" the songs. Could it be from the re-harmonization, re-groove, re-interpretation, etc. I love it when I hear artistic touch added to the common songs, though some songs are already naturally nice. 

​With creaitivity, even "Twinkle twinkle little star" can sound unique. It's not about the  songs, but how they musician creatively "cook" the music through the piece they are delivering. 

Soul & creativity play parts in good music. There's an artistic function of having a good full band, there's a function in having solo guitar format, solo bass, solo saxophone, or guitar-drum combo, etc. It's not necessarily full band sounds better than solo saxophone (for example), how if the highly creative saxophonist could offer full band experience? I don't know how, but I guess it's gonna be so unique.

A band sounds like a band is normal, but a saxophonist that could sound like a band it's above normal. Nobody amazed watching a normal bicyclist, but that's not the case for  mono-cyclist, something like this effect....

As we believe making music is an art, we put our heart, passion & creativity there. Please browse to the next segment about artistic guitar playing, conceptual duo, trio, live band, etc. Though we play usual songs, we'd like to offer you playfully-serious rich music experience through songs we play.

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