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The reason

It was just my frank curiosity. As a guitarist...


...have you ever felt that we want to play the higher melody at the higher fret while your hand position's on the lower fret position pressing the chord? You wish you had a very big hand so that you can stretch from fret 1 until maybe fret 12 do you? 

...have you ever been jelous to a solo pianists who can fly their both hands independently on every part of their keyboard? They play more complete harmony while the we're restricted with only at max 6 notes, yet we still couldn't play close notes unless we think so much about positioning our fingers and resort to some open strings. Yet sometimes your mind want to play poly chords with less restriction. 

...have you ever faced problem when you want to spontaneously modulate during solo playing (chord, melody, bass) and find out no open strings available on the new key, and you don't have time to move your capo position? Frustruating isn't it?

Picture courtesy: Muse Photography, edited by D.Purnomo Concept.

Initial idea to design a double guitar :

Conventional equation of piano vs. guitar:

In piano, 1 note=1 finger

In guitar, 1 note=2 fingers (1 pressing, 1 plucking), unless for open strings, which happen to be only 6 notes.

Let's imagine wildly if there's a new concept in guitar playing in which you could play as flexible as pianist, both hands playing independently, yet still maintain the guitar special characters (sound, sliding, bending, percussive, etc)? Wouldn't it be interesting?


Is it going to be a new era, a new culture of guitar development and guitar techniques? 


I guess it's exciting to explore new dimensions of guitar culture. Anyway...we couldn't even play guitar at the beginning...not even simple strumming. Guitar was new to us, until once we're exposed to it. Why not we embrace a new culture now?

More double guitar performances :

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