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Branding and Logo

Definition of CONCEPT (Merriam-webster dictionary)​​​
1: something conceived in the mind : thought, notion
2: an abstract or generic idea generalized from particular instances​​​
I like the word "concept" as it's closely asociated with idea, creativity. Something we perceive as 'wisdom' in doing or creating things which produces some creative solutions.
Concept is the key that differ playing music from merely playing song, that differ uniqueness from commonness. It's the braveness to think outside the box while everybody else following "in the box" formula.

As the business is about live music, guitarist, and guitar design (art), I concepted the logo below that presents all of these components.

Right picture: Sitting on the box and means 'thinking outside the box' :)

​It's like a guitarist standing up, geared with his guitar, all made up by musical notations. Overall it looks like tilted G/treble clef (guitar notation uses this clef).


The initial "D" is made up by "the guitar neck" and the "left hand" of the guitarist pressing against the neck. 


Then a join of two 1/4 notes picture  "the leg"​ to make it look like "P".
The plucking/strumming right hand is from "crescendo" notation.
The guitarist head is from a whole note, where else the hat is from a 1/2 note rest.
Thanks to my visual art friend Jeff Hung who made it into digital file.
After quite some time I thought to make the logo to be more organic, I drew the DP character on tablet some time back but only in September 2023 I added the font to fit in. And again, thanks to Jeff Hung for his awesome work turning it into digital file, he even made it moving picture, gif file.
white logo transparent BG.gif
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