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Swan Guitar

Inspired by nature, Swan Guitar is a silhouette of a swan and also has a letter "S" as the initial. 

Beside as an elegant musical instrument Swan guitar's also a piece of art that exposes the grain of the guitar woods - no coating. It really suits you as "anti-mainstream" & artistic guitarist.


You'd never get bored to look at how majestic your Swan is and let her beauty inspires you.

A neck through guitar (maple, rosewood, mahogany, rosewood, maple) 
Scale : 25.5"
Pickups : SSV & SSV+ John Suhr
Machine Head : Gotoh
Saddle/Bridge : Gotoh
Body & Headstock : Mahogany & Real Rosewood Veneer
Fingerboard : Rosewood with acrylic inlay.

Some video samples from Saturday regular gig at Skyve with Julian Cheong on vocal

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