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Show Conceptor

Some past & upcoming shows at 

Ilustration by Richard Tham.

I didn't use to have confidence talking into the microphone (mic). I usually just hide myself behind my guitar (though people still can see me). English' not my mother tongue..nor my own tongue, that's why people can just guess correctly that I'm not local from my intonation. 

But some friends had been asking me to talk into the mic as they find out that I sometimes crack jokes spontaneously. I guess I was trained this way. My primary school teacher last time loved to invite me & some other "not so serious" friends infront of the class to crack some jokes, till my parents sent me off to so called "more serious" school after they found out what I did in school. 

Anyway, the end of last year (year 2012) I had an opportunity to arrange a Christmas event where I became the host & the musician in which I started learning to communicate with the guests, learnt to be more confidence in speaking in English.

Since then I've been concepting some shows, combining thematic musical idea & spontaneous talk (not necesarily to crack joke), inviting & interviewing some guest staring friends to make the show more engaging & memorable to the guests.   

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