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You'll see that the solid body part on the right side of the guitar, together with the hollow in the frame will still make an conventional guitar body shape. It seems there's an entity within the empty frame. It's a "negative & positive" in design concept.

Beside serving as electric guitar with humbucker pick ups, this sleeky & ergonomic guitar has graphtec acousti-phonic & MIDI system instaled. The individual string saddles are actually piezo pick-up for acoustic, as well as censor to MIDI. You can connect this guitar with 13pin MIDI cable to guitar synthesizer to create other sound such as: string, bass, drum, flute, etc.   

It's a beautiful unconventional light weight guitar for acoustic, electric, or even MIDI player. A desirable guitar in the frame, it's like frame + amenity. That's how it gets its name, "Framenity". 

Standard specification:

- Neck : 3 layer neck through, maple, mahogany, maple.

- Fingerboard : rosewood.

- Scale : 25.5".

- Body : Mahogany with rosewood veneer top.

- Magnetic pickups : SSV neck, DSH bridge (Suhr).

- Tuning machine head : Gotoh/Grover

- Inputs : 1/4" jack input for electric & ac; 13 pin MIDI input. 

- Bridge : fixed bridge.

- Optinal (as at the picture):  Ghost modular pickup system by Graphtec (ghost saddle set, acousti-phonic pre-amp, Hexpander MIDI interface), comes with additional acoustic jack input & 13 pin MIDI jack.

- For custom order I can change the pickup, bridge, scale length, etc. upon request.


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