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It's a customized 1 on 1 lesson or group to fit the interest, progression & commitment of every student to achieve his/her musical goal. 

Here I'll teach & monitor the progression of every student individually as they might face different challenge with others. Everybody has different acceleration in learning too. 

I teach fingerstyle (though not strictly in a classical way), plectrum use, jazz theory, improvisation, solo playing, playing with other musicians, also 2 hands tapping. The material includes understanding, hearing, skill practice, etc.


Beside for leisure purpose, the course's also available for professional. Some of my students are professional guitarists/musicians. One of my Singaporean students now stayed in Adelaide as a professional singer-guitarist. He quited his aircraft engineering job here and migrated to Australia with his family and does his musical passion there.  I still remember how hard working he was, learning guitar from scratch until at the end it pays off.

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