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Daniel has been training his students in ensemble platform too, they've been performing in various events nationally and internationally. His ensembles won as the 1st runner up (group category) in the International Ukulele Contest 2019 and 2020 in Honolulu Hawaii. 


The training builds the overall musicianship, from hearing ability, feeling, musical knowledge and many aspects in a practical and organic way. This course is designed to have practical application in making music through ukulele as a melody instrument and chordal instrument. They will learn how to play the melody, arpeggio pattern, strumming pattern, how to play many parts of music as group/ensemble (melody, countermelody, block chords, broken chords).

Beside improving participant's personal musicianship (rhythm accuracy, listening sensitivity, personal skill, memory, concentration, etc) it also improves collective growth in music making (supporting each other, learning to lead and being led, focusing on our part while monitoring other parts, learn to walk together as team, etc).

Ensemble is also somehow therapeutic and recreational too. It's a fun and positive activity that makes you looking forward to meeting your friends. and many other musical aspects.

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