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My goal as a guitar coach is to teach my students to be able to teach themselve for the long run. I just don't give them "fishes", but also guiding them, so in due time they can "fish" for themselves. 


It's a very fulfilling satisfaction to see my students enjoy their musical journey.


The teaching involves musical understanding (more than just merely chords memorizing); healthy technical foundation; also sound recognition, as at the end they need to be able to learn by listening.

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(Picture's from my facebook page on the 10th December 2013. It's from my ex-student who left his engineering job and migrates to Adelaide, Australia, to work as a professional musician there)

The learning key is creativity. There's a different between learning song & learning music. Music is the essence, song is just a form where we apply the music through. With good creativity we can turn even simple "Twinkle twinkle little star" or "Amazing grace" into something more sophisticated.

The forms in which I teach/share my knowlegde would be through workshop/clinic, master class, modular classes, private (fingerstyle, tapping, plectrum use), ukulele, jazz theory and bass too. 

I also teach arranging, song writing and conduct guitar ensemble (for worship team, for leisure, etc.)

An article I wrote about music course:

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