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Guitar playing

There are two major approaches I see of guitar playing setup: "playing guitar in the band" or "playing band in a guitar".

"Playing guitar in the band" means the guitar is just a part of larger component, where the guitarist plays together with other rhythm section player and/or bass player and/or melody player.


Usually I use plectrum/pick in the band set-up, it's easier to play melody line with plectrum accurately & smoothly. For chord arpegio I use fingerstyle. For strumming I could use either one.

Where else "playing band in a guitar" means the guitarist functions as a bassist, chord player, melody player & also as percusionist.

Usually I use fingerstyle technique or touch style for this setup. Fingerstyle technique makes me able to choose particular strings I want to pluck or even strum. With this I can get to play bass line, chords & melody simultaneously. Sometimes it involves slapping, scratching, drumming, harmonic playing, etc. to create different sounds.

Touch style or 2 hands tapping enables me to even venture to more complicated bass, chords & melody combination as I can utilize 8 fingers to choose the notes I want to touch. Where else I still can play percusive ghost note with my right thumb.  ​

As a guitarist I don't exclusively play D.PURNOMO Concept guitars, I play other brands for acoustic guitars, nylon & steel strings.

I'm on a musical journey with my guitars, trying out different approach, different sound, different possibility, etc. as the passion lead me to.

To all fellow musicians...enjoy the making music time. Make our world a better place to stay. World peace!! This goes from Miss Universe too :)


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