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The final one

This time the headstock's the same as the previous design. I guess the spacing optimation and the beauty look are nice.


Still having 25 frets, but this time with rubber underneath the strings at the 1st fret as strings damper. It's much more practical and cheaper solution.


After long research and experiment about weight centre, I managed to eliminate the long horn yet still get the necks erected/tilted up while the body position's just nice (not to low, not to high). It's about the position of the end pins. I attached the top end pin underneath the top neck, where else the bottom end pin on the body front (as seen in the right picture).


I also made the gap between necks narrower as I use special made wooden pick-up covers (see the picture below) to split the pick-up positions (the pick-ups position of the previous design were in line position due to the limitation of the plastic covers).

* Top Video "Gangnam style" groove (PSY) - a practice to utilize percussive tone using right hand thumb thumping the top side of the low B string.

* Bottom Left - Snippet of Live Music Regular Gig at Sixty40.

* Bottom Right - Snippet of a Company Event at Singapore Cricket Club.

So far I'm pretty much happy with this particular design, less body mass, erected necks with low body position. The waist placement sits well on my lap for sitting position...very comfortable. I name it "Hearty" double guitar as it has a human heart shape and subjectively, it's a dear guitar to my heart too. Grab and try it for yourself!!!


Thinking about experiencing this beautiful instrument? 

More details about this guitar:

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