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Manta Guitar


It started on January 2019 when Isuru Wijesoma, a talented & soulful electric guitarist, commissioned me to build for him a double neck guitar, bottom neck as normal guitar, top neck as slide guitar. I was really grateful to have been trusted to design & build for him. I initially wanted to use Hearty Double guitar shape (my double neck guitar for tapping), but I found out that it would be too "bulky" looking as the gap between the necks of this guitar's wider than for the tapping guitar.

It's a positive challenge for me as guitar designer to design a nice sounding, artistic, relatively light & ergonomic guitar. I had been changing designs for about 5 days to have finally found & decided to have this shape. It somehow reminds me to a Manta Ray fish - that's where the name comes from. It has become one of the designs by D.Purnomo Concept boutique guitars.

The wait was finally over, I was so glad to isuru were happy trying out his new guitar. I really enjoyed his unique playing, be it on the normal guitar or on the slide guitar. To me he's an extraordinaire, not many guitarists whom I know do the thing he excelently does (blues, rock, carnatic, etc). 

Here's the specs of Isurus's Manta guitar :

- Neck through : Nyatoh, Rosewood, Nyatoh

- Body : Mahogany with wood veneer top 

- Fingerboard : Exotic grained Macassar Ebony  with  dots fret marks

- Pickups : John Suhr (Zebra) : SSV (neck) & SSV+ (bridge)

- Headstock : D.Purnomo symmetrical design for double neck guitar 

- Tuning Machine : Gotoh

- Monorail Saddle-Bridge : Duralium Monorail by Aldrige Empire

- Fret wires : Jim Dunlop - Jumbo

- Strings : Ernie Balls

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