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Modular group classes

It's a group learning set-up to focus about particular module/topic that interests them. The lesson encompasses theoritical & practical in a very interactive way. It's good set-up to encourage each other & learn together. It's like having healthy sparring partners.


1 group consists of 4-6 people, there will be 4-8 classes of 1.5hrs  (1-2 months, depending of the module). The optional modules such as: solo fingerstyle, blues fingerstyle, latin fingerstyle, swing & walking bass, etc will be offered. Modules also come with difficulty level.

I will group people with same theme interest so they can make a class. Class also can be formed by students too and suggest module they want to learn.

With this set-up, students can just commit for 4 meetings to learn, however if they are interested in the next level or other module, they can make or joint other class.

Here're some snippets from "Basic  Bossa Nova Guitar Workshop"

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