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Music Educator

It's fun to learn the guitar. We can spent time to talk about blues licks, scales, new chords & voicings, gadgets, idea, and the list goes on.....
But in the other hand some people struggling when they just start learning the guitar, either F chord is too hard to press, or it's too difficult to memorize the chords' shape. It's very common problem that makes people give up on learning this beautiful instrument. 

I've observed that those problem could be due to poor set-up of the instrument or wrong angle or position of the hand or fingers that effect the strengh, accuracy and playing flexibility. And the difficulty of learning chords' shape is due to the lack of musical theory. 


I share to my students gems/insight that come from the challenges I've been overcoming in guitar playing. It encompasses: the technical sides, such as: ergonomic body position, hand & fingers position & angle, how to press, strum, pluck, slap, hit, etc.; instrument's knowledges, such as: knowing the fingerboard, tuning system, harmonic position, etc; music theory, such as: scales, harmony, rhythm, style (rhumba, cha-cha, swing, funk, bosanova, blues, etc); sound recognizition, such as recognizing melody, chords, etc. 



The aim of learning for the students is to be able artistically express their musical idea, be flexible in improvisation, reharmonization, on the spot transposing, and ultimately be adequately equiped for their own musical journey.


(I don't take 4 leged's kind of slow teaching them, but they run away very fast)​

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