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What's creativity?

It's about point of view. We could see the same thing, but from different point of view. It's like whether you see an empty frame, or you see the object behind the frame.

I enjoy the wittiness of pattern, rhyme or analogy. There's rhyme in words (a.k.a pun), in musical idea, also in design that for some reason our human brain perceives this as "make sense" thing. This "wittines" will tell you about a thing that similar or has a pattern to other thing. It's about finding the similar essence of 2 different things.

For example: Quela Bass (right hand side picture), one of the guitars I designed, looks like Kueh Lapis and the word itself sounds like Kueh Lapis. Thanks to Daniel Ho, a photographer cum drummer friend of mine, who named bass, a partner in rhyme.

Sometimes putting two opposite contrast in one frame concept is also fun. It's like putting solid wood and emptiness to build up an impression of conventinal guitar shape.​
("Framenity" guitar's picture)

Rhyme could also mean parallelism or simmetricallism.

For example: The headstocks & necks of "Hearty" double neck guitar. They are simmetrical, like reflection. (See the picture below). It's like clapping your left & right hands simetrically.

Rhyme also means question & answer. You also can hear from the starting of "Fresh from the above", one of my original tunes, where it sounds like there are two different notes chasing each other, they are responding to each other.

I also like to use the rhyme or Q&A principal to put common tunes to the new context, either to reharmonize them, re-groove them, change the time signature, or change minor to major tonality & vice versa, etc. 

Now, forget about the rhyme thing (though it's not a crime to use rhyme), sometimes the simplest idea is just to embelish thing which is naturally already beautiful. Not too much as the idea is just to give some highlight or accent. 

Just as putting a pot of flower on the beautiful table, it will brighten up the table.

Sometimes...I just don't follow those ideas that I've said all of the above

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